This waqf known by the Date House is for one service: paying ransoms of any war captives. The waqf was donated by al-Qadi al-Fadil Abdul Rahim al-Bisani, Saladin’s minister (died 556 H / 1199). It consisted of a big number of storehouses, houses, shops, and other properties that was rented and generating revenues. 

Origin: Egypt – 6th cen. H / 12th cen.

Source: Al-Mawāʿiẓ Wal-Iʿtibār fī Dhikr al-Khiṭaṭ wal-Athār by Maqrīzī Taqi al-Dīn Aḥmad b. ʿAlī b. ʿAbd al-Qādir (766-845 A.H. / 1365-1442 A.D.), Edited by Ayman Fu’ad Sayyid. 1st edtion. London: Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation: vol.3, p.258-259.

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