This 1457 map by Niccolo da Conti of Genoa, shows details of both Africa and Asia. A blow-up of part of the Asia map (above), shows the need to read this map in its original form and closer to decipher what Europeans knew of Asia at that time.

Image Source: The Library of Congress




Here’s an image of the 1457 Genoese world map. Again quite interesting for its rather precise contour of Africa, before Europeans actually rounded the Cape.

For reference, a book where the map is discussed, and a large portion of the map shown: New Found Lands, Peter Whitfield, ISBN 0415920264. A 
According to the Fra Mauro map, a ship from India first reached the Cape in 1420, and European geographers got information about the southern tip of Africa indirectly via this expedition. It’s true that the Europeans reached the Cape in an expedition of their own only in 1488. —dab (?) 12:24, 16 April 2011 (UTC)

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