“The map of the ‘Indian Ocean’ is orientated with the north to the left. The highly decorative chart shows the East African coast, Arabia, Madagascar and the islands of the Indian Ocean with the Seychelles and the Maldives. The sea is ornated with two sailing ships, a compass rose, at the bottom a decorative title cartouche, surrounded by African natives, next to it a mileage scale with Dutch, Spanish and English distances in nautical miles. In this period the Dutch East India Company was leading in trading in Asia and exploring the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. Pieter Goos was ‘one of the best known maritime booksellers of Amsterdam’ (Koeman), he published a number of different sea-atlases or pilot books, his work was very much derivative. With his ‘Zee-Atlas’ he relied heavily on Hendrick Doncker’s ‘Zee-Atlas’ of 1659. Our example of Pieter Goos chart ‘Pascaerte Van’t Westelycke Deel van Oost Indien …’ was published in an early composit sea-atlas published probably around 1665/66. ” Koeman IV (Maritime Atlases), Goos pp. 190 ff.

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